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DOZ-3000/6000 is a total new industrial dissolved ozone analyzer, with high intelligence, sensitivity. It can measure dissolved ozone and temperature simultaneously. It is widely used in such industries as thermal power plant, running water, pharmaceutical, drinking water, water purification, industrial pure water, swimming pool disinfection residual chlorine continuous monitoring.


  1. Simple operation, fast calibration
  2. IP65 rated, dustproof and waterproof, all-weather precise.
  3. 4-20mA isolated current output, efficient variable speed
  4. Dual password protection prevents unauthorized change settings.
  5. Great anti-interference ability, suitable for complex industrial field environment
  6. Three electrode method without membrane dissolved ozone, accurate measurement, can be compared with DPD method.
OzoneMeasurment Range0.000 -2.000 mg/L or 0.00-20.00 mg/L
Resolution0.001 mg/L or 0.01mg/L
Accuracy1%±1 LSD
TemperatureMeasurment Range–10.0~110.0 °C
Temperature Sensor22KΩ / PT1000
Temperature CompensationAutomatic
Signal OutputOutput Range4~20 mA (adjustable)
Current Accuracy1% F.S.
Output Loading<500 Ω
Data InterfaceRS485RS485 modbus protocol
On off controlControl Method2 SPST relay
OthersLoad capacity2.5A 230 VAC
Cleaning/alarm relayOptinal
Working power supply85~260VAC or 12~36VDC
Working temperature0~60°C
Working humidity< 90%
Levels of protectionIP65
Method of installationPanel mountingWall-mounting
Outline dimension(H×W×D) 108×108×156 mm158×188×108 mm
Cut size94.5×94.5 mm/

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