Portable Ozone Generator Ozone Air Sterilizer

Household solution for air & odor purification, virus, bacteria, and bugs killer, etc.


Sterilization: living room, kitchen, bathroom, pet room, hotel, office, cars, garages
Odor Removal: kitchen, fishing shop, pet room, storage, restaurant
VOC Purification: new house, hotel, office…etc

  1. Corona discharge technology with replaceable ceramic ozone plate
  2. Powerful, low noise level, portable, light, and easy maintenance
  3. Pre-filter to remove large particle.
  4. High quality electronic parts
  5. heavy duty cooling fan
Ozone output7 g/h10 g/h
InputAC110-240 V,50/60 Hz
Power120 W140 W
OperatingMethodProgrammable timer or manual
Dimension (L*W*H)32*25*52.5 cm
Net Weight9.6 Kg10.3 Kg
Cabniet MaterialStainless Steel 
Purify area0-1000-150

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