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DNC series ozone generator (also named as ozone deodorizer, ozone odor eliminator) is specially designed for exhaust odor removal, typically used in commercial kitchen exhaust odor filtration.

Application: commercial kitchen exhaust odor removal, air conditioning system, sewage ventilation, workshop disinfection, pharmaceutical factory disinfection, seafood storage area, food processing plants sterilization, seafood storage area

  1. Best CKV exhaust odour removal solution available
  2. Reduces the grease build-up & fire risk
  3. Low power consumption but high odor removal capacity
  4. No consumables material required , runs with ambient air.
  5. Intelligent control without operator needed.

Ozone Generator Installation for Commercial Kitchen Air Purification

Installed After Electrostatic Precipitator

An ozone generator will be installed usually after electrostatic precipitator for commercial kitchen exhaust odor removal. Electrostatic precipitator can filter most of the grease and particles, while ozone generator will remove the remaining particles and odor.

Installed Without Electrostatic Precipitator

When it comes to light cooking, there is probably no electrostatic precipitator.  User just need to connect the ozone injection after the hood for maximum odor removal effect. Ozone will remove the grease particles and odor.
  1. 10,000 working hours long lifespan corona discharge ceramic plate
  2. High ozone concentration and odor removal capacity
  3. Adjustable ozone output: 0-100%
  4. Intelligent timer
  5. Stainless steel 304 cabinet
  6. Ambient air source with dust filter inside
  7. Built-in cooling fan for stable performance
  8. Optional working time counting function
  9. Ready to use, labor-free, no operator needed.
Item DNC-20G DNC-40G DNC-60G DNC-80G DNC-100G DNC-120G
Ozone Output 20 g/h 40 g/h 60 g/h 80 g/h 100 g/h 120 g/h
Power 280 W 300 W 350 W 600 W 700 W 740 W
Input AC110~240V, 50/60HZ
O3 Concentration 45 ppm 75 ppm 125 ppm 75*2 ppm 75 & 125 ppm 125*2 ppm
Dimension 40*32*55 cm 45*50*55 cm
Net Weight 18 Kg 18.5 Kg 19 Kg 28 Kg 30 Kg 31 Kg
Treated Air Flow 7000 CMH 10000 CMH 15000 CMH 20000 CMH 25000 CMH 30000 CMH
Ozone Outlet 90 mm*Single outlet 90 mm*Two outlets
Working Temperature 20~40℃

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