DNO 300/400/500g Oxygen Source Ozone Generator for Water Disinfection Treatment | Ozone Water Purifier

DNO10-500G is specially designed for ozone water disinfection and oxidation.

Application: Industrial water disinfection, water treatment plant disinfection, food and beverage industries, cooling towers disinfection, swimming pools disinfection, aquaculture aquariums

  1. Corona discharge technology with replaceable ceramic ozone plate
  2. Powerful, low noise level, portable, light, and easy maintenance
  3. Pre-filter to remove large particle.
  4. High quality electronic parts
  5. heavy duty cooling fan
Ozone Output300 g/h400 g/h500 g/h
Power1.9 KW3.5 KW4 KW
InputAC110-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Concentration60-120  mg/L
O2 Flow Rate60 LPM80 LPM100 LPM
O2 Dimension70*50*139 cm80*50*139 cm90*50*139 cm
O3 Dimension100*60*120 cm120*60*120 cm140*60*120 cm
Cabinet MaterialStainless steel 304
Cooling MethodAir and water cooling (2-3.0 M3/Hr)
Working ConditionsUp to 85% humidity, -10~37℃

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