DNA 7/10G-D Portable Ozone Generator for Air, Water& Surface Disinfection

DNA 7G/10G-D is designed for air, water& surface disinfection.

Disinfection Application:

Food processing, farm, cosmetics factory, clean room, lab,

Hospitals, pet shop, schools, kindergartens,

Schools, kindergartens, cold storage, warehouses, farm, pet shop, hotel,

Drinking water, pure water, swimming pool, aquaculture

Ozone can kill virus, bacteria, molds, and fungi quickly. DNA-7/10G portable ozone generator is suitable for disinfection to room up to 150 square meters.

  1. Unique air-cooled corona discharge technology
  2. High ozone conversion efficiency, low power consumption
  3. 24/7 continuous operation or 0-999 hours digital timer
  4. Air pump inside for air feeding
  5. Portable design, plug and play.
Ozone output7 g/h10 g/h
InputAC110-240 V,50/60 Hz
Power120 W140 W
Operating MethodProgrammable timer or manual
Dimension (L*W*H)32*25*52.5 cm
Net Weight9.6 Kg10.3 Kg
Cabinet MaterialStainless Steel
Purify area0-1000-150

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